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Small Business Tech Support 🤓💻

 We aim to help you get the most from your technology (without all the tech speak)

Our customers love the single point of contact with their favourite technician, knowing they also tap into the technical expertise of the whole LiteUp team.

You can talk to us about computers, printers and the internet – whether it’s fixing issues or shopping for new technology to help your business.

Super simple rates

We’re in the business of making things simple, not complicated. This is our standard charge for all technical services. We don’t charge you a callout fee either.

Big list of things you need done?
We’re happy to give you a quote 👌

You can pay our 7-day invoice with EFTPOS, Credit Card, Internet Banking, POLi or Zip. We can offer monthly billing if that works better for your business too – just ask.



per 15 minutes

30 minute minimum applies for on-site appointments. Price include GST.

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per 15 minutes

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“We have used Sheldon at LiteUp many times to service and supply our business computer needs.
We like how he explains things in layman terms, as we are not computer savvy at all, he arrives on time, works quickly, does a fantastic job and all for a reasonable price.”

– Paul, Dynamic Eyewear


PC or Mac – we’ve got you covered

We can help with all of your computer needs – 


Strange messages on your screen? Something just not working right? We’re all ears.
We can help you with hardware, software and operator issues! 


In the habit of making a cup of coffee while waiting for your computer to switch on?
LiteUp will offer advice on how to make your computer go super fast, so you’re as productive as ever.


Email been hacked?
Pop-ups left, right and centre?
We can remove any malware, secure your work computers after a scam as well as offer advice on the best malware protection for your business.


We’re not talking about Granny Smiths.
We can help with getting your new Apple devices set up or resolving hardware and software issues.
We can also help with iPads – whether you just have one, or one for every staff member.

Need a computer guy in your office?

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Internet your business can depend on

Most of what we do on computers rely on the internet, so don’t be let down by your WiFi.
LiteUp installs and supports business grade networks so you and your team have fast, reliable internet.


Pages taking forever to load? Not getting the performance you expected out of your “ultrafast” broadband? When you’ve called your provider but it’s still not helping – give us a call. 


You just can’t beat the reliability and speed of a wired network. We can make sure all your desktop computers, printers and other devices are connected via an ethernet cable to give you the best connection.


Sometimes your provider router just doesn’t cut the mustard – so we supply, install and support fast and reliable Wi-Fi networks for the office, workshop or factory. We’ll fix the dead spots and stop the dropouts so your whole team enjoys reliable Wi-Fi.


Whether you need a reliable, fast and secure guest Wi-Fi network for your cafe, corporate office or your home office, LiteUp can help! 

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Everything you need to have a productive digital workstation


Need a new computer or just bought one?
We’ll transfer all your stuff from your old computer, set up your emails, printer, office, documents, backups and any software that you need.


2x Screens, 2x the productivity. Doing admin work?
Two monitors allow you to compare documents, or dedicate a second screen to emails or calendars.


Printing or scanning issues? Don’t throw it out the window just yet! LiteUp can help with your printer. We’ll find and fix issues or can advise on a new model thats perfect for your needs. We can even send discount ink straight to your door.


One cable docking for your laptop
Thanks to a connection called Thunderbolt, you can now transform your laptop into a desktop with one single cable.
This is perfect for users who take their laptop on the road but want a desktop experience back in the office. Talk to LiteUp to make this dream a reality.

Lets get your device set up.


Work on your email and files together

With a centralised solution like Google G-Suite or Office 365


E-mail has changed our lives. But when it’s not working or doing strange things, it’s a pain the backside!

LiteUp can help you with everything email related, including setting up a custom address.


Working on loads of documents with your team? Cloud storage solutions are a convenient, secure and collaborative way to work with files in a team. LiteUp can advise and help with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive issues and set up.

📝 OFFICE 365

Microsoft’s productivity suite for business
Office 365 for business is more than just Word and Excel. 
It’s an entire platform for your workplace that grows at the same rate you do. It enables your team to have email, calendar, file collaboration, cloud storage, centralised user control and so much more. And it’s made by Microsoft so it integrates harmoniously with Windows and Mac computers.


If you have a Gmail address, this is the souped-up business version of that. Kind of.
G-Suite is Google’s version of Office 365. It is a cloud based platform for your business that includes loads of Google Drive cloud storage, Gmail for business, Google Calendar, central management for users and easy set up on your team’s devices. If you’d like to have a chat about it’s benefits for your workplace, talk to LiteUp

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Your business data is critical – back it up!

Work from anywhere, with any device, knowing your data is safe.


Most people have more than one device nowadays. It’s easy when you have the same  contacts, calendars, files, emails, photos and more across all of your devices.
Having sync issues? We’d love to sort them out for you!


Keep your precious business files safe in the cloud.
This means keeping another copy of your files somewhere else in the world just in case of a disaster. A cloud backup means your business can continue anywhere, and can mitigate the effects of local hardware failures.


Versioning is a life saver if you have a ton of documents!
Versioning keeps… you guessed it… versions of your files from different points in time. No more tears when you accidentally save over the top of that important document!

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External hard drive not working anymore? Perhaps you emptied your trash a little bit hastily? We can help you retrieve your precious files.  If the files are mega-important and all hope seems lost, we can even send your drive away for forensic recovery. If this is you right now, we recommend you shut down the computer or disconnect your hard drive in question immediately as this increases chances of data recovery. 

Where do you travel to and whats the call out fee?

Check out the map below – if you’re in the green, there’s no call out fee for our services.
Outside of the green zone, we charge $1/km from the city centre to you

Who are the technicians?



Sam has been in the IT Industry for 7 years.
He comes from a service background so knows what customers expect when they engage with a service!

“Sam is amazing. Everything he does works – he knows what he is doing and is so honest.”



As a computer technician for the last 6 years, there aren’t many technical issues that surprise Sheldon.

“I really appreciate your professionalism, expertise, the simplicity and clarity of your explanations, and your warm friendly manner”


Technical Contractor

Rami helps us out with a lot of our behind-the-scenes technical work

He’s also a great extra pair of hands on-site when we have a large or complex install to do.


Security Contractor

When we need cables run to tricky spots for things like hardwired cameras, we call upon Rob and his team

Working within the security industry, Rob advises our customers on best practices when it comes to security camera placements

What our customers say about us 🤔

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Excellent value for money and someone who truly knows what they are doing – highly recommend


Sam’s manner and customer service is outstanding and removes much of the angst from what are often urgent, business critical interactions


Sheldon has always done excellent work for me. I would be happy to recommend him to others


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