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Amplifi Mesh Router

Amplifi Mesh Router

$269.00 inc GST

Fast, easy and complete wireless coverage

Add extra MeshPoints below for better coverage for larger homes or multi-story dwellings


AmpliFi Routers and MeshPoints are designed to work in combination to eliminate any dead spots in your home. They utilize mesh technology to provide powerful wireless performance in an innovative and simple design. The Router features an intuitive touchscreen display and the MeshPoints display wireless signal performance.

Your Wi-Fi Router is No Longer Something to Hide

Designed from the outside in, AmpliFi is meant to be a showcase piece for the modern home.

Perfected User Experience

The intuitive AmpliFi app allows instant setup, configuration, powerful reporting metrics, and easy guest access. The mobile app is available for download on Android and iOS smartphones.

Guest Access Simplified

AmpliFi utilizes an open time window concept to allow instant guest access without the security compromise and inconvenience of password sharing.


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