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Here's what we do

Smart Home

Whether you’d like to remotely control your heatpump, automate your lights and appliances or keep an eye on your house while you’re away from home – LiteUp has you covered. No hard-wiring necessary! How good does having a robot do the vacuuming sound?
  • Smart Wi-Fi Lightbulbs – set the mood by dimming the lights or changing them to any colour!
  • Smart Wi-Fi Plugs – turn on and off appliances remotely (Slow cooker, Electric blanket and existing table lamps are just some of the possibilities!)
  • Wireless CCTV – Netgear Arlo cameras allow you to have a totally wireless CCTV solution with rechargeable batteries that last months, motion detection and recordings saved to the cloud
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaners – The Roborock v2 vacuum cleaner is one of the best on the market. With intelligent room mapping, you can see a live map of your house as it cleans. It also features Wi-Fi control, washable filters and is great on both carpet and hard floors.
  • Wi-Fi Heat pump control – Switch your heatpump on or off from anywhere, or use the built in intelligent functions to automatically switch on and off depending on the ambient temperature and the weather forecast!
  • “Mesh” Smoke Alarms – when one smoke alarm triggers, it can activate all other smoke alarms in your house for maximum safety. A hush button on any alarm silences them all in case of burnt toast

Wi-Fi, Internet and Email

Having all of your smart devices performing at their best rely on a great Wi-Fi network and internet connection. If your Wi-Fi isn’t quite reaching to where you need it to, or your internet seems ultra-slow even though you’ve been assured by your ISP you’re on ultra-fast – give us a call!

  • Router configuration and upgrades – Change your network name to something recognisable! Don’t settle for “TNCAPA838839” with a 20 digit password
  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting – Have your Wi-Fi performing at it’s best by having your network professionally tuned to your environment
  • Wi-Fi extensions – Get Wi-Fi in every room of your house!
  • Internet issues – does your internet seem to work at a snails pace? Does it drop out randomly? Have you spent countless frustrated hours on the phone to your ISP? Get in touch!
  • Email – Move your email to a world-class email provider, such as Google’s G-Suite or Office 365. LiteUp is here to make the migration process easy and stress-free

PC & Mac Support

Computers are there to make your life easier. If you’d like to get your new device set up, or having technical issues with your devices, LiteUp will provide an on-site qualified technician to get it sorted. We offer a same-day service and can tell you all about the job without any tech jargon – we promise!

  • Tune-ups and Upgrades – Have your computer serviced to get it running at its best. We can clear out all the junk, remove unwanted programs and recommend some upgrades to make it super fast!
  • Virus and Malware removal – Been a victim of a scam or virus? We can remove all traces of malware from your computer, install leading anti-virus software and stop those pesky pop-ups
  • Mac Support – We can help with your iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone and have your iFamily working together as it should. Have a question mac related? We’re all ears!

Streaming & Smart TV

So you’ve heard about your friends streaming the latest shows on Netflix but aren’t sure where to start? LiteUp can make sure you’re all set up with all the right gear as well as provide a tutorial on accessing the latest content via the internet!

  • Smart TV support for all brands
  • Get your TV and Home Theatre all hooked up
  • Get streaming to access the latest content via Netflix, Lightbox, TVNZ OnDemand and more!

Business Solutions

LiteUp provides technical services to SMB as well. We can get you going with a domain name and email hosting as well as any other technology requirements you may have. Your company information is critical – we can ensure your data is backed up in case of a disaster.

  • Email and collaboration via G-Suite (Google) or Office 365
  • Centrally managed anti-virus solutions
  • Centrally managed backup solutions
  • Desktop and Laptop solutions tailored to your needs
  • Cloud storage and Backup
  • Remote access solutions
  • Domain names (get up and running with an address)
  • Remote support available during business hours
"Sam's manner and customer service is outstanding and removes much of the angst from what are often urgent, business critical interactions"
Patsy Bass
Business Customer

Backup & Sync

A file only stored in one location isn’t safe. LiteUp offers personalised backup solutions for home and business to keep all of your precious data safe in a disaster. We can also get all your email, calendars, photos and files safely stored in the cloud so you can access them from any device!

  • Google Photos – An easy solution to keeping all of your photos in the cloud as well as accessing them from every device
  • Backup Solutions – Choose from external hard drives, network backup, cloud backup or a combination of all three!
  • Device Synchronisation – Get your contacts, calendars, files, emails, photos and more synchronised across multiple devices!